LAIVARAUTA In partnership with Drum Circle Finland/ Paukepiiri ry and the Maritime Centre Vellamo

Tue 25.4.2017 at 19:00 Merikeskus Vellamo

Olli Mantere has created a sound installation called Laivarauta (Ship Iron) consisting of pieces of ship iron measuring 17 x 5 metres from an early 20th-century timber-carrying barge that, when struck, produce a pentachord (a series of five notes). Marko Puro then composed a piece for this and the Kymi Sinfonietta in which the orchestra’s percussionist, Vladimir Belov, plays differently pitched steel elements accompanied by the full orchestra. The installation will later become part of the Kotka maritime soundscape on Juha Vainio Street leading to Kuusinen. This means that anyone will then be able to play it.

The idea for the project grew out of a dream by music teacher Harri Setälä. It combines Kotka’s maritime and industrial history as a tribute to centenarian Finland from artists both young and old.


Atso Almila
Atso Almila

Admission free (advance reservations accepted:, tel. 05 234 4891)