Autumn 2021
Kotkan Concert Hall
Kotkan Concert Hall
Kouvola Central Church
Kouvola Central Church
Raymond Cox
Arianna Savall, soprano & Baroque (triple) harp
Petter Udland Johansen, tenor & mandolin

The most fabulous Baroque love songs


A delightful evening of beautiful love songs and refreshing Baroque music. Harpist-soprano Arianna Savall is one of the world’s most illustrious performers of Baroque repertoire. Daughter of famous Spanish parents – violist Jordi Savall specialising in music of the Baroque and singer Montserrat Frigueras – Arianna assimilated the practices of Baroque performance at a very early age. After studying, she first performed with her parents in the Hespèrion XXI ensemble and in 2008 formed an ensemble of her own, Hirundo Maris, together with Norwegian multi-musician Petter Udland Johansen.

Petter Udland Johansen is a singer, conductor, composer and instrumentalist with a wide musical spectrum, and has worked with great success with ensembles like Hirundo Maris, Pechrima, Sagene Ring and Capella Antiqua Bambergensis.

Arianna and Petter tell:

“How can you build a musical bridge that extends from Hildegard von Bingen's medieval visions, through the human rebirth of the renaissance, to pompous unbelievable world of the baroque?

The answer we have found is: Love! Love is perhaps the most beautiful thing a human being can experience, and the music is always filled with Amor's accurate arrows.

The music we have chosen is not just worldly but also taken from the religious, mysterious, and spiritual love, filled for longing for the eternal love, where we will be one with time and space. In the middle however, we always set the intense dialogue between the lovers. We have also been asked for a dance to the entrancing tones of an Italian Tarantella, as well as of a Spanish Folía, and perhaps by the most famous dance form the Baroque period, which has inspired countless composers, The Chaconne! We believe and hope that this program can show how timeless music can be, even though it comes from a bygone time, human emotions and needs have not changed.

Petter Udland Johansen has arranged this music for Kymi Sinfonietta for this special occasion and we are looking forward to this new adventure to create something brand new, with respect for the old and for what then is created in the present.”

25/ 20/ 11 €