Autumn 2021
Kotka Concert Hall
Olari Elts
Piia Komsi, soprano

Mark-Anthony Turnage: A Furious Fanfare
Lotta Wennäkoski: Hele
Unsuk Chin: Puzzles and Games from ‘Alice in Wonderland’
John Adams: Chamber Symphony


Tonight’s programme is a fantastic mixture of enchanting musical stories, told by musicians who truly live the part, the magic and lights. Red House! Waves! parades before us some of the brightest and most fascinating musical phenomena and most celebrated composers. We begin with a burst of energy and the Furious Fantasy of British composer Mark-Anthony Turnage. The fast-beating Hele by Lotta Wennäkoski, one of the Finnish composers best known in the world, was composed for the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, and its title alludes not only to a musical grace note but also to clarity and light. Puzzles and Games from the opera ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by South Korean UnsukChin drops us through a rabbit hole into the rich, magical world of Lewis Carroll. Providing the keys
to this colourful alternative reality is expressive soprano Piia Komsi.
The Chamber Symphony by Pulitzer Prize-winning John Adams flows rhythmically along like a force of nature – or the animation character Roadrunner that was one of its inspirations. This tremendous work also highlights the virtuoso skills within the orchestra’s ranks.

25/ 20/ 11 €